2020 The “PARANORMAL” man arrives who knows how to “FLY” for thousands of Km

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2020 the “PARANORMAL” man arrives who knows how to “FLY” for thousands of Km

Mental teleportation or bilocation, scientifically verifiable, today is reality.2020 Arriva l'Uomo “PARANORMALE”


2020 will see the realization of a dream by humanity, flying without wings or mechanical means, FLYING WITH THE “MENTAL BODY”.

These mental flights currently allow travel on the EARTH for thousands of km (bringing back precise informations of the places visited). In the future, mental flight will be extended to the whole Cosmos. This will be made possible thanks to special equipment that can be connected to the Human Brain.

TODAY THE PROJECT STARTS IN THIS WAY:  Man who knows how to “FLY” with the mental body.

The “mental teleportation” project provides a DOCUFILM that will resume the entire experiment of mental bilocation. Its success will forever revolutionize current scientific concepts thanks to the demonstration of a new type of energy!

PROJECT: I have already shown that the human mind can bilocate, but now the plan is to do it by declaring it first. In addition to filming the docufilm there will be the certification of a notary and the verification by a scientific team.

In PIEDMONT, in the Municipality of Valdieri (Cuneo) I started for the first time the “official” demonstration of the mind’s extraordinary abilities.

THE SUCCESS OF THIS EXTRAORDINARY AND HISTORICAL CHALLENGE has been documented by Italian State Authorities: Municipality of Valdieri, executor of the thermal water research project, Piedmont Region, funding body of the project and the Politecnico di Torino commissioned by the Piedmont Region to view the wSPA project in a super-scientific way.

VEDI ricerca delle preziose ACQUE TERMALI CALDE NELLA PIANA DI VALDIERI. https://www.rabdomanzia.com/sfida-scienza-paranormale/

SEE the search for the precious HOT THERMAL WATERS IN THE VALDIERI FLAT LAND. https://www.rabdomanzia.com/sfida-scienza-paranormale/

In the difficult field of research for the precious and rare THERMAL WATER, I have shown, with a SUCCESS of more than 99%, to have evolved a special mental ability. Skill that allows me to successfully perform deep THERMAL WATER searches in virgin areas. And this thanks to MENTAL TRIPS .

This type of investigation has nothing to do with the old and never demonstrated tele-radiesthesia, but in this case the exceptional results are obtained thanks to the mental bilocation …

To verify what has been said, I invite you to contact the Mayor of Valdieri, Architect Giacomo Gaiotti tel. Municipality 0171 97109. Or https://www.armanettimaurizio.net/

In the past no one had understood that the brain, our extraordinary mind, can FLY … and that it can be scientifically proven.