2020 The “PARANORMAL” man arrives who knows how to “FLY” for thousands of Km

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2020 the “PARANORMAL” man arrives who knows how to “FLY” for thousands of Km

Mental teleportation or bilocation, scientifically verifiable, today is reality.2020 Arriva l'Uomo “PARANORMALE”


2020 will see the realization of a dream by humanity, flying without wings or mechanical means, FLYING WITH THE “MENTAL BODY”.

These mental flights currently allow travel on the EARTH for thousands of km (bringing back precise informations of the places visited). In the future, mental flight will be extended to the whole Cosmos. This will be made possible thanks to special equipment that can be connected to the Human Brain.

TODAY THE PROJECT STARTS IN THIS WAY:  Man who knows how to “FLY” with the mental body.

The “mental teleportation” project provides a DOCUFILM that will resume the entire experiment of mental bilocation. Its success will forever revolutionize current scientific concepts thanks to the demonstration of a new type of energy!

PROJECT: I have already shown that the human mind can bilocate, but now the plan is to do it by declaring it first. In addition to filming the docufilm there will be the certification of a notary and the verification by a scientific team.

In PIEDMONT, in the Municipality of Valdieri (Cuneo) I started for the first time the “official” demonstration of the mind’s extraordinary abilities.

THE SUCCESS OF THIS EXTRAORDINARY AND HISTORICAL CHALLENGE has been documented by Italian State Authorities: Municipality of Valdieri, executor of the thermal water research project, Piedmont Region, funding body of the project and the Politecnico di Torino commissioned by the Piedmont Region to view the wSPA project in a super-scientific way.

VEDI ricerca delle preziose ACQUE TERMALI CALDE NELLA PIANA DI VALDIERI. https://www.rabdomanzia.com/sfida-scienza-paranormale/

SEE the search for the precious HOT THERMAL WATERS IN THE VALDIERI FLAT LAND. https://www.rabdomanzia.com/sfida-scienza-paranormale/

In the difficult field of research for the precious and rare THERMAL WATER, I have shown, with a SUCCESS of more than 99%, to have evolved a special mental ability. Skill that allows me to successfully perform deep THERMAL WATER searches in virgin areas. And this thanks to MENTAL TRIPS .

This type of investigation has nothing to do with the old and never demonstrated tele-radiesthesia, but in this case the exceptional results are obtained thanks to the mental bilocation …

To verify what has been said, I invite you to contact the Mayor of Valdieri, Architect Giacomo Gaiotti tel. Municipality 0171 97109. Or https://www.armanettimaurizio.net/

In the past no one had understood that the brain, our extraordinary mind, can FLY … and that it can be scientifically proven.


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Mental Teleportation: creation of an extraordinary documentary film about mental bilocation.

For the first time in history a mental energy teleportation (mental bilocation) for 100 – 1000 km will be officially certified. The success of this experiment will allow our current science to take giant steps. Skills of my brain already documented and officially certified (see certifications).

What is able to make my brain working as a bio – computer today is extraordinary. My mental energy is teleported (mental bilocation) to thousands of km and is able, in the indicated terrain, to identify the presence of the precious hot thermal water, to trace its path and at the well point descend into the underground indicating the depths of the fractures of the thermal water, the quantity and the temperatures of the thermal water at various depths. Truly extraordinary. All this I have documented officially and the tests are certain and certified.
What is yet to be verified are the maximum distances over 10 thousand km.
I am 66 years old and after 44 years of studies I have officially demonstrated that the brain, with its extraordinary and scientifically verifiable extrasensory abilities, is able to win on the computer. Furthermore, the energy that underlies these special abilities, once discovered, will make scientific research able to completely revolutionize our current knowledge and technology.
I’m talking about teleporting mental energy (mental bilocation) from one place to another by bringing back accurate technical informations of the subsoil that no technical instrument can perform. Identification of the underground water quality, thermal spa water, depth, temperatures … etc. These abilities are not supernatural or mystical, but they are extraordinary brain skills that use an energy that is not yet known.
The distance of this teleporting can vary from a few meters to thousands of kilometers. The distance of hundreds of meters has been successfully executed and certified by Italian state authorities. http://www.armanettimaurizio.net/recent-thermal-spa-water-discovery-for-the-municipality-of-valdieri-piedmont-region/ With the water searches for privates clients I arrived at 10 thousand km away. The next official and certified experiment I am organizing will be the discovery of thermal spa water, depth, temperatures … etc at a distance of about 100-1000 km.
Even the Italian ministers have officially written public comments congratulating my incredible successes.


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James Randi the inspirer and maestro of Piero Angela and CICAP is an “Honest Liar” ?

No! JAMES RANDI is an “DISHONEST” liar !
And here you find the evidence.

James Randi, who began his career as a circus magician and became famous all over the world as the one who demonstrates the non-existence of the Paranormal, as well as the ineffectiveness of Natural Medicine, is not just an illusionist on the stage but it is much more, also using illegal methods, to make the media and the whole world believe that the Paranormal does not exist.

His method consists in elaborating, all over the world, thanks to the complicity of many collaborators, in Italy Piero Angela and CICAP, tests that are mediated as “scientific” (under control) while in reality they are “circus” tests like the one he organized with Piero Angela for the dowsers.

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In 2018 the official confirmations of the great success, obtained by the company Luni Ricerche, has arrived thanks to the discovery of thermal water in the Piana of the municipality of Valdieri. The Politecnico (University) of Turin sent a detailed report to the Municipality of Valdieri that confirms the technical data presented by Luni Ricerche srl regarding the thermal water discovery with the exact identification of the depth, quality and temperature of the thermal aquifers.

In 2013 Luni Ricerche srl received from the Mountain Community (institution of the state) and the Municipality of Valdieri the task of a Feasibility Project * for a thermal water research in the plain of Valdieri .
In the area, considered ideal for the development of thermal tourism, indicated by the Mountain Community and the Municipality of Valdieri, Luni Ricerche srl, performing its exclusive method (over 98% of successes), carried out a preliminary thermal research, appraised an area as positive for the discovery of a precious thermal aquifer. A detailed report was delivered with “precise” indications of depth to be reached, the temperatures of the thermal strata at the various altitudes and an indicative flow.

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Wednesday 26 November 2014 has begun the great challenge between the skeptic James Randi and the psychic Maurizio Armanetti.

With the correspondence by e-mail of the mutual conditions of the challenge, officially begins the international comparison between science and the paranormal. The great challenge between the famous skeptic James Randi and the famous psychic Maurizio Armanetti…                  continue




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3 million dollar new skeptical challenge Armanetti’s prize

Italy: the psychic Maurizio Armanetti relaunches and triples the previous challenge of James Randi of only 1 million dollar to a new challenge of 3 million dollar.
James Randy says: no one has even won my prize demonstrating a paranormal phenomenon. That means that under control paranormal phenomena do not exist. Well, I can prove the contrary and therefore not only that Randi’s assumption is false but following the logic I can confirm with evidence that the skeptics “do not exist” but the paranormal phenomenon, yes, exist. I can affirm all this for two reasons…                        continue

Skeptics from around the world have been defeated by the dowser Maurizio Armanetti

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Skeptics from around the world have been unmasked and defeated by Maurizio Armanetti, the internationally renowned psychic, dowser and geobiologist

Now that the Italian state agency officially certify the paranormal capacities of Armanetti, the skeptics are helpless and bent spoons in the face of glaring and unquestionable evidence in favour of the Paranormal. It was the long-awaited evidence to definitively prove paranormal abilities, extraordinary and still mysterious ability of our brain, of the human mind…continue


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FLORENCE– In celebration of 2012, a special year for the paranormal and for the publication of his book “MANUALE DI PSICOESTESIA”, Maurizio Armanetti throws down THE PRIZE-CHALLENGE, both to CICAP as well as for JAMES RANDI, a prize of “ONE MILLION EURO” approx. 33 thousand euros at a time, consigned to a notary before each spa water search…continue