The Minister of ferrithe Italian Department of Employment, Enrico Ferri 1989

“ Dear Maurizio Armanetti,
I follow your special dowsing system for the water researches from many time and congratulations for your researches which have positive ufficial certificated results, thanks for your professionality in studies and experiments extremely interesting. I remember the successful experiment carried out in the city of Bagnone and other positive successes for the municipalities of Lunigiana. I take this opportunity to send you the most cordial greetings and my great esteem for you, with the hope of continuing to assert yourself with other great successes in the field of water research, ”                  Enrico  Ferri


Prestigious Italian citalgasompany named ITALGAS

Important water supply for one of the most prestigious Italian company named ITALGAS (national Italian company for aqueducts and pipelines management). They officially recognized the discovered in Liguria (Rapallo) of a vast subterranean aquifer after 85 years of failures.

“ The stratigraphy of the well revealed the presence of water quotas suggested by Maurizio Armanetti, exactly in the range of 110-130 m and over 160 m. The first tests have also confirmed the alleged extent of 20-30 l / s.”



Municipality of VillVillafrancaafranca in Lunigiana (Italy)

“ attests that the dowser Maurizio Armanetti, owner of Luni idro Ricerche, commissioned by the City, by resolution of the City Council no. 49, to solve the problem of water supply …, has submitted a report, which has resulted in a drilling under the direction of the same that showed the validity of the search report and the resolution of the water problem.”

Signed by the Mayor and the Municipal  Engineering Department.




Municipality of Filattierfilattieraa (Italy)

“ It was requested by the company Luni idro Ricerche to make a research for the presence of any aquifer in order to solve the problems of water supply

 “ The drilling has demonstrated the accuracy of the research carried out by Luni idro Ricerche, considering that the borehole completely satisfy the water needs …”

 Signed By the Mayor



FivizzanoMunicipality of Fivizzano (Italy)

“ It’s confirmed that the company Luni idro Ricerche performed in the locality of Quorazzana and surrounding areas 5 surveys for locating subterranean aquifers with the following results: Number of positive probes: 5 of 5 and the two most convenient used for the purpose of municipal water supply. The results fully confirmed the accuracy of the survey carried out by the firm Luni idro Ricerche is the identification of points as both as physical-chemical characteristics and water flow.”

Signed by the Municipal Engineering Department.



Municipality of Ppodenzanaodenzana (Italy)

“ With this we confirm the results of the investigations and the drilling in the location of Gaggio Podenzana by the company Luni idro Ricerche. Drilling point: Exactly as indicated by the research firm Luni idro Ricerche Depth Indicated : 40-50 m – Depth of the aquifer verified: 42-46 m Physico-chemical- mineral quality: as the forecast of the firm Luni Idro Ricerche “

Signed by the Municipal Engineering Department