Dowsing wins an important victory against science.

Here are all the documents of the greatest challenge in history between dowsing and science,  as is officially certified by an agency of the Italian State.

  • Dowser: Maurizio Armanetti, president of Luni Ricerche srl, a leading company in the field of the discovery of hot spring mineral water and. His company is the only one worldwide which carry out the prospecting ensuring the discovery of this precious hot spring mineral water performing a  drilling with a depht of maximum 600-700 meters.
  • Geologists: Prof. Roberto Chetoni, which has sought the help of Ing. Alberto Godio (Politecnico di Torino). The Geologist Serradimigni Rino (Pisa) and Sergio Marchettini, electronic, the inventor of the new (and experimental) detection system (of which Chetoni has availed more), called POSEIDON. The today’s chronicles define Poseidon the computerized electronic dowser and it’s a device studied and accredited, as always reads by the chronicles, also from the University of Pisa.

It all started when Maurizio Armanetti discovered a precious mineral spring water in the town of Villafranca (Tuscany) at a  short depth of 120-150 meters.  This discovery  caused quite a stir in journalism as the detection was previously (two months before the drilling of the well) certified and announced to the press.

This sensational success of Armanetti has resulted in a strong interest on the part of the municipality of Villafranca. After various meetings with the authority of the municipality Armanetti presented his project for the development of tourism in the city. At Villafranca, once discovered the hot spring mineral water at 40 °C, it would be made “The First Natural Hot Spring Mineral Water Park of Europe” with an expected of one million visitors a year and an armature capable of generate over a thousand jobs. A project that would revolutionized the economy of the whole territory.

When the municipality of Villafranca in Lunigiana – Tuscany has officially commissioned at Maurizio Armanetti, President of the company Luni Ricerche srl, to discover the precious hot spring mineral water he never would have imagined to be at the center of a historic challenge between Science and Dowsing. Armanetti and Chetoni were both co-commissioned by the municipality of Villafranca for the discovery of the hot spring mineral water and what at first was a collaboration between Dowsing and Science, later became, after the breakup of cooperation on the part of Chetoni, a challenge. A successful challenge won so overwhelming by Dowsing. Prof. Chetoni, at some point, decided with an ultimatum to the municipality to oust Armanetti from the ” hot spring mineral water research”, started and designed by Armanetti.

Armanetti delivered his research report to the municipality where he also referred the drilling point and he established for having 40 degrees of water temperature it was necessary to go down to a deep of at least 550 meters. After the delivery of Armanetti’s research report, Chetoni, with the help of various teams between Engineers, Geologists and Electronics equipped with the most modern technological and scientific equipment, thought that it was possible to detect the same thermal aquifer that Armanetti has identified, in an area that was situated about 200 meters from the point of Armanetti. It was then that Armanetti has officially handed over to the protocol of the City a written statement where he said that at the point indicated by Prof. Chetoni there would not be discovered themal water and that the spa water temperature at 500 meters in the well of Chetoni would not reach 37-40 degrees but it would be less than 28 degrees. Armanetti’s forecasts were correct and precise but Chetoni did not give up and has decreed that down to 600 meters the hot spring water would have appeared. Armanetti then gave a second statement to the protocol where he stated that at 600 meters the temperature would have been around 28 degrees. Armanetti’s forecasts were correct and precise. So, the Hot Spring Water park project, developed by Armanetti with one million tourists and thousands of jobs, was, due to the failure of the geological research of Prof. Chetoni, hopelessly lost!

The science team has used all possible resources for geological scientific research without success. Their predictions were not correct.

Armanetti’s forecasts were all exact and meticulously documented.



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