James Randi the inspirer and MASTER of Piero Angela and CICAP is an “Honest Liar” ?

No! JAMES RANDI is an “DISHONEST” liar !
And here you find the evidence.

James Randi, who began his career as a circus magician and became famous all over the world as the one who demonstrates the non-existence of the Paranormal, as well as the ineffectiveness of Natural Medicine, is not just an illusionist on the stage but it is much more, also using illegal methods, to make the media and the whole world believe that the Paranormal does not exist.

His method consists in elaborating, all over the world, thanks to the complicity of many collaborators, in Italy Piero Angela and CICAP, tests that are mediated as “scientific” (under control) while in reality they are “circus” tests like the one he organized with Piero Angela for the dowsers.

Piero Angela, who is the inspiring head of what appears to be a new scientist and negationist church headed by CICAP, has for many years pursued a personal war with a boring form of cultural racism against everything that studies Parapsychology. To do so, taking advantage of his power in RAI, he made a negationist program “Journey in the World of the Paranormal” and offered ten million lire to Lorenzo Montali to study in the United States how to create what will become the CICAP in Italy.

Piero Angela gave another ten million lire to Massimo Polidoro to study the methods of the James Randi, which we will see how “honest” they are.

Piero Angela also offered to CICAP a real media war machine using all its power and influential friendships in the media world.
Just see a press review of the CICAP to verify that in the years of “Great Power” by Piero Angela all weeklies, newspapers and TV gave an incredible space to the deniers of the CICAP while today, being such a baffled committee and Piero Angela in decline of power, the CICAP has almost disappeared from the national news. Not for this, however, their denial is less dangerous as they do conferences everywhere and unfortunately have also entered some schools!

The experiment on dowsers, on which for the moment I’m not entering to the technical detail of how it’s anti-scientific, was done in Formello and that you can see and hear in this link, is very significant: (at minute 23:58).

https://www.facebook.com/cicap.org/videos/10155397188589195/UzpfSTE0MzU2MTIyMzY3ND k1MzA6MTk3NDM0NzI5NjIwOTM1Mg/

This circus TEST does not have illegal implications like the other one I will talk about, but makes ridicolous, to the media pillory the families and the “children” of those 4 unfortunates fallen into the cynical clutches of James Randi, attracted by his money prize. At stake was the famous million dollars, trumpeted around the world as proof that the paranormal does not exist, since no one has ever won this prize. In reality, the Randi Prize is a real FAKE NEWS because it had nothing scientific and the “control” of the tests were TOTALLY in the hands of an unscrupulous magician illusionist. Randi, cornered by an opponent to his methods on the fact that these tests had no scientific basis, replied lapidarily that it’s his money and that his tests he makes as he pleases!!! DESPITE these statements today, still in this video, Piero Angela and CICAP continue to allow Randi to deceive the public with their complicity, accrediting these tests as scientific because the psychics were put under strict control. Yes, the control of a former magician and illusionist of the circus! The CICAP has also betrayed its own Statute in which it declares, as it does in the acronym of CICAP (Italian committee – control statements on the paranormal, pseudoscience today) that anyone who boasts paranormal skills and affirms it, these statements will be checked. In addition, slyly, Piero Angela decreed the inversion of the burden of proof and that the demonstration of possessing paranormal gifts belonged to the psychic and that the CICAP would have studied these tests and statements. But the CICAP since 1989, betrayding its own Statute, has NEVER made checks where the paranormal phenomena were genuine, and not only they have always refused to take into consideration certain proofs that would have made their denialism ridiculous, but have always denied public confrontation with the counterpart, when the counterpart were able publicly to unmask them.

In their non scientific conferences they only make a smart indoctrination of the public. To do this, they use the image of famous figures of the academic world (Margherita Hack … etc). Famous people who have joined the clever CICAP request to lend a hand against irrationality and charlatans, but these respectable testimonials do not actively participate in this Committee and are probably unaware of the CICAP’s media machinations.

Here an unequivocal proof: a demonstration on rhabdomancy performed under the control, not of an unscrupulous magician but, of Italian State Authorities where the extraordinary ability of the Dowser’s brain to discover the thermal waters in the subsoil is highlighted, incredibly, defining technical parameters as the quality of thermal water, the temperature of thermal water, the depth of the thermal aquifer … etc   https://www.rabdomanzia.com/challenge-between-science-and-the-paranormal/

And now we come to what publicly confessed in this video by JAMES RANDI about his dishonest actions that, as you will hear, were probably of serious damage to an anchorman of a famous television program, in fact as Randi proudly said that program shortly after was closed !!! (at minute 48:45)
https://www.facebook.com/cicap.org/videos/10155397188589195/UzpfSTE0MzU2MTIyMzY3ND k1MzA6MTk3NDM0NzI5NjIwOTM1Mg/

The story: the anchorman of a famous TV program challenged James Randi to try in live TV the tests that made Uri Geller. In short, as you can hear from his confession, James Randi illegally entered in the private dressing room of the ignorant anchorman the parapsychologist Allen Spraggett, illegally rummaged through his personal items by opening the closed envelope of the experiment and then rummaged in the suitcase of Spraggett in order to tamper with some personal items that were used for the experiment: to bend the spoons with paranormal skills. Randi tells all this after many years, certainly not to be legally prosecuted, but making a big wrong step because he made it clear that his methods arrived to commit crimes, just to deceive the public and create serious professional and human damage to the ignorant anchorman, that perhaps even today he does not know of the machination to his damages done by the inspiring Maestro of Piero Angela and CICAP, JAMES RANDI!!! James Randi, Piero Angela and CICAP have for many years been aware of my extraordinary achievements, the amazing water discoveries, all officially certified … but continue to hide these results by publishing negationist and anti-scientific tests passed off as Science. Real FAKE NEWS! Once again James Randi, Piero Angela and CICAP are publicly unmasked by this writing !!!

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