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Mental Teleportation: creation of an extraordinary documentary film about mental bilocation.

For the first time in history a mental energy teleportation (mental bilocation) for 100 – 1000 km will be officially certified. The success of this experiment will allow our current science to take giant steps. Skills of my brain already documented and officially certified (see certifications).

What is able to make my brain working as a bio – computer today is extraordinary. My mental energy is teleported (mental bilocation) to thousands of km and is able, in the indicated terrain, to identify the presence of the precious hot thermal water, to trace its path and at the well point descend into the underground indicating the depths of the fractures of the thermal water, the quantity and the temperatures of the thermal water at various depths. Truly extraordinary. All this I have documented officially and the tests are certain and certified.
What is yet to be verified are the maximum distances over 10 thousand km.
I am 66 years old and after 44 years of studies I have officially demonstrated that the brain, with its extraordinary and scientifically verifiable extrasensory abilities, is able to win on the computer. Furthermore, the energy that underlies these special abilities, once discovered, will make scientific research able to completely revolutionize our current knowledge and technology.
I’m talking about teleporting mental energy (mental bilocation) from one place to another by bringing back accurate technical informations of the subsoil that no technical instrument can perform. Identification of the underground water quality, thermal spa water, depth, temperatures … etc. These abilities are not supernatural or mystical, but they are extraordinary brain skills that use an energy that is not yet known.
The distance of this teleporting can vary from a few meters to thousands of kilometers. The distance of hundreds of meters has been successfully executed and certified by Italian state authorities. With the water searches for privates clients I arrived at 10 thousand km away. The next official and certified experiment I am organizing will be the discovery of thermal spa water, depth, temperatures … etc at a distance of about 100-1000 km.
Even the Italian ministers have officially written public comments congratulating my incredible successes.