Skeptics from around the world have been unmasked and defeated by Maurizio Armanetti, the internationally renowned psychic, dowser and geobiologist.

Now that the Italian state agency officially certify the paranormal capacities of Armanetti, the skeptics are helpless and bent spoons in the face of glaring and unquestionable evidence in favour of the Paranormal. It was the long-awaited evidence to definitively prove paranormal abilities, extraordinary and still mysterious ability of our brain, of the human mind.

After the famous Challenge of chess lost by the human brain against the computer here is the rematch:


The Paranormal capacities are common and present in a latent state in everybody and waiting to be activated.

Certainly the paranormal skills of Armanetti evolved in a special way. His incredible ability permits him to identify not only the drilling point for groundwater, even at great depths, but, as if his brain were a perfect detection tool, he also scans the subsoil and identifies the chemical composition at various depths distinguishing water in fresh drinking, spring mineral water… before drilling. Amazing, extraordinary? Maybe, but it’s all completely true and certified.

Normally the level of success of dowsers is obviously low but it’s different if you choose a professional dowsers. Professional dowsers are very rare and differentiated based on their demonstrated capacity. A professional dowser has always trained the perceptive capacity and worked full time as dowser. But also for the professional dowsers it is difficult and complicated to distinguish the chemical quality (sweet drinking or salty thermal water …) of water that is a hundred of meters deep. So, for that reason the one who is able to discover hot spring mineral water is enormously reduced. After that, if you want to find and verify who is certain of his ability to the point that is giving the guarantee of success, as already approved, the answer is: The only one you will find worldwide with this ability is Maurizio Armanetti.

 In 1933 in the beautiful book, called “Dowsing” edition Hoepli, the author Mario la Stella wrote :“After two centuries of debate we haven’t, not yet, reached a certain evidence. “ Today we can finally affirm that there are official evidences (long-awaited) of the paranormal power of the mind and this is published in the book “Manuale di Psicoestesia – Discover the Genius that is in you”.

These tests are numerous, official and confirms the extraordinary ability of dowsing and paranormal ability through which Maurizio Armanetti has defeated and ridiculed the criticism of skeptics. These tests are for their importance to be ascribed to a real historical event, as it never happened before so blatant and officially certified.

Col-di-Sasso-4_FotorAt Scarlino, Tuscany, Armanetti has recently discovered a hot spring mineral water. Define the hot spring mineral water “ source of the happiness” is perhaps excessive but surely you can define the source as antidepressant. The source of good mood is rich in natural Lithium (the concentration of lithium in this hot spring water is a new world record). Lithium is a mineral with chemical salt properties that have been used since the 1940’s in drugs for the treatment of depression it was the first antidepressant in history.


Since 1989, the internationally known sensitive Maurizio Armanetti, is the thorn in the side of those rejectionist groups such as the Italian CICAP, American CSI (ex CSICOP James Randi)…etc., belonging to the activity of professional detractors of Paranormal.

 In more than 30 years of confrontation Armanetti has repeatedly proven conclusively, with Certifications of the Italian State Agencies and Companies like ITALGAS, to be in possession of extraordinary abilities studied by sensitive scientific Parapsychology.

The Italian skeptic Piero Angela and CICAP and other prominent names of internationally skeptics, like James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Chris French and Richard Wiseman, retreated from his challenges on Internet.

Several times Armanetti has publicly exposed and put to flight the skeptics who challenged “even” by the Italian satirical TV news called “Striscia la Notizia” in front of an audience of over 10 million people. And all this is amply demonstrated and certified.


The CICAP ADMITS Armanetti’s paranormal ability, the only psychic that beat the skeptics. CICAP admits this reluctantly in his famous letter on internet against Armanetti. Cicap admits the paranormal ability of Armanetti where the science and geologists have no chance with their scientific means to compete with the extraordinary research of Armanetti … and this has happened, happens and will happen, as evidenced by the extraordinary discoveries of the precious thermal waters. World’s records, European records, certification of the Italian State authorities and ITALGAS, confirms these extraordinary successes. Successes, thanks to the extraordinary skill of the mind, the paranormal capacity of Maurizio Armanetti. The CICAP, by statute, has the responsibility to investigate Armanetti’s claims of paranormal. Maybe Cicap never did it because there are already official certifications of the Italian State as to confirm the paranormal success of Maurizio Armanetti.


James Randi –

Richard Wiseman

Richard Dawkins

Chris French