Wednesday 26 November 2014 has begun the great challenge between the skeptic James Randi and the psychic Maurizio Armanetti.

With the correspondence by e-mail of the mutual conditions of the challenge, officially begins the international comparison between science and the paranormal. The great challenge between the famous skeptic James Randi and the famous psychic Maurizio Armanetti. Maurizio Armanetti is the only psychic which has documented its ” paranormal skills” with incontestable certifications of the Italian State.

Now James Randi has the burden, as he did with other cases in the past, to come to Italy and begin to check the official documentation. The official documentation that confirms the paranormal phenomena of Maurizio Armanetti.

If James Randi will not do it, will be like admitting that the paranormal phenomenas of Maurizio Armanetti are, for the first time in history, officially proven also by the skeptic world.

James Randi, I’m waiting for you and your visit must be official. I have nothing to hide and I hope that even you don’t want to hide to the public your skillful and public verifications.