Our records 

Maurizio Armanetti, President of Luni Ricerche srl,  in the course of his activity of water search and especially of spa water discovery, has achieved European and World records.

  • “EUROPEAN RECORD”: We found at Cogne (Hotel Bellevue, Relais & Chateaux), in the Aosta Valley at 1550 meters above sea level, thermal spa water, the highest spa water in Europe. And thanks to this important discovery Hotel Bellevue can enrich its offering with the highest thermal SPA in Europe.
  • “WORLD RECORD”: We found in Maremma – Scarlino – Tuscany – Italy, at the Resort Col di Sasso, a spa water with 40 °C of water temperature, already called the “good mood water” because is enriched with a special mineral called lithium (first natural antidepressant in history). This spa water has the highest concentration of lithium in the world.
  • “WORLD RECORD” At Rapallo, after 85 years of researches by the most prestigious geologists and diviners of the century, followed one another in search of a significant underground aquifer for the aqueduct, without success, Armanetti just in “two days” discovered and brought to light a large groundwater resources.
  • “WORLD RECORD” certified by an Italian state agency with the accurate identification of quality (thermal spa) and temperature of thermal water to be discovered. The record has been established during the historic challenge, “fully certified”, between science and paranormal, including the special abilities of my mind and the scientific equipment of the italian luminary for thermal water research, Prof. Roberto Chetoni. Challenge won by Armanetti thanks to his special ability of his brain.


Water discovery – solutions for water supply problems:

The Italgas Company ( holder of aqueducts and gas pipelines in Italy) has officially recognized his having discovered a vast aquifer in Rapallo , after almost a century ( 85 Years to be exact) of failure.

The stratigraphy of the well revealed the presence of water at quotas suggested by Maurizio Armanetti, exactly in the range of 110-130 m and over 160 m. The first tests have also confirmed the alleged extent of 20-30 l / s.


Municipality of Villafranca in Lunigiana (Italy)
A drilling under the direction of Maurizio Armanetti  showed the validity of his search report and the resolution of the water problem.

Municipality of Filattiera (Italy)
The drilling has demonstrated the accuracy of the research considering that the borehole completely satisfy the water needs.

Municipality of Fivizzano (Italy)
Locating subterranean aquifers with the following results: Number of positive probes: 5 of 5 and the two most convenient are used for the purpose of municipal water supply.

Municipality of Podenzana (Italy)
The drilling point is exactly as indicated by Maurizio Armanetti. Depth Indicated : 40-50 m – Depth of the aquifer verified: 42-46 m, Physico-chemical- mineral quality: as the forecast of the Company.

Mineral and thermal spa water search:







Thermal spa water search in the plain of the municipality of Valdieri (Cuneo).
Project financed by the Piedmont Region and supervised by the Politecnico University of Turin.
Thermal spa water – sulphate-calcium-alkaline-magnesium 
In the beautiful and evocative plain of the municipality of Valdieri has come to light the thermal spa water, long dreamed by the habitants and by the various mayors who succeeded each other. The project, financed by the Piedmont Region, has remained a dream come true thanks to the initiative of the then mayor Emanuel Parracone, the current mayor Giacomo Gaiotti and the specialized research of our company, Luni Ricerche srl.

HOTEL BELLEVUE & SPA – Cogne- Valle d’Aosta

Thermal Water sodium sulphate
In the beautiful Hotel Bellevue & SPA, inserted in the majestic landscape of Gran Paradiso National Park (Aosta Valley) at 1500 meters above sea level, we discovered an extraordinary Thermal Spa Water rich in healthy minerals.
The particular combination of these riches and precious minerals created by nature, makes this thermal water precious for the physical strengthening and body wellness.

After the World Record with the discovery of the special hot spring water in Tuscany because enriched with the highest concentration of lithium, the highest concentration in the world (Location: Col Di Sasso – Scarlino – Grosseto – Italy), at Cogne,  Luni Ricerche srl has realized a “New Record”:  the discovery of the highest Thermal Spa Water in Europe at 1550 meters above sea level. This precious water will be used for the highest spa pool and the highest dream wellness spa in Europe.


Location: Col Di Sasso – Scarlino – Grosseto – Italy

Thermal water
Two thermal wells discovered, the first at a depth of 450 meters with 40 degree temperature, the second at a depth of 300 meters with 29 degrees of temperature.
University La Sapienza – Rome had classified the discovery unique for the characteristics of the thermal water.
The very high concentrations of lithium, “new World Record” (Lithium is the first antidepressant in the history) make the water thermal pool extremely valuable.


Beauty Farm Bagnacci – Location San Giovanni d’Asso – Siena – Italy:

Sulfur Thermal Water
The farm is located in one of the most beautiful areas of central Tuscany just a few kilometers from Montalcino. A well depth 80 meters with 35 degree temperatures. The water is located in the karst limestone and has a flow similar to a river,”The first river spa in Europe”.


Beauty Farm Villa Leri – Monte Colombo – Rimini – Italy:

Thermal Water
A well depth 700 meters with 25 degree temperature. Water with a high salt concentration, salinity of the water exceeds 150 gr. per liter (4 times the density of sea salt).



Beauty Farm Villa Gaia – Seggiano – Italy:

Thermal Water
A well depth 260 meters with 28 degree temperature from 24 to 28 degrees. The current analysis for the thermal spa recognition has revealed, despite the shallow depth and the mountain location , a particular quality of saline water.


Beauty Farm A.F. – Villafranca in Lunigiana – Italy

Thermal Water: Sodium Chloride Lithium
A well depth 150 meters with 22 degree temperature. This thermal water has a very long cycle and rained many hundreds of years ago, said University of Parma. The presence of fossils’ trace fossils suggests and confirms that in-depth research for next wells will give an extraordinary fossil water with over 40 degrees temperature.