TG1 the first TV newscast of the most important italian television Network( first channel of RAI)
transmitted a television service describing the business of Maurizio Armanetti, Chairman of the Company Luni Ricerche srl, in the field of spa water research…
A special mention concerns the discovery of thermal spa water at Scarlino Tuscany:
Two thermal wells discovered, the first at a depth of 450 meters with 40 degree temperature, the second at a depth of 300 meters with 29 degrees of temperature. The University La Sapienza – Rome) had classified the discovery unique for the characteristics of the thermal water. The very high concentrations of lithium, “new World Record” (Lithium is the first antidepressant in the history) make the water thermal pool extremely valuable.


Beauty Farm Bagnacci – Location San Giovanni d’Asso – Siena/Italy: Sulfur Thermal Water
The farm is located in one of the most beautiful areas of central Tuscany just a few kilometers from Montalcino.
A well depth 80 meters with 35 degree temperatures.
The water is located in the karst limestone and has a flow similar to a river, ”The first river spa in Europe”.



 Villafranca in Lunigiana/Italy – Thermal Water: Sodium Chloride Lithium
A well depth 150 meters with 24 degree temperature.
This thermal water has a very long cycle and rained many hundreds of years ago, said University of Parma. The presence of fossils’ trace fossils suggests and confirms that in-depth research for next wells will give an extraordinary fossil water with over 40 degrees temperature.