TG1 the first TV newscast of the most important italian television Network( first channel of RAI)
transmitted a television service describing the business of Maurizio Armanetti, Chairman of the Company Luni Ricerche srl, in the field of spa water research…
A special mention concerns the discovery of thermal spa water at Scarlino Tuscany:
Two thermal wells discovered, the first at a depth of 450 meters with 40 degree temperature, the second at a depth of 300 meters with 29 degrees of temperature. The University La Sapienza – Rome) had classified the discovery unique for the characteristics of the thermal water. The very high concentrations of lithium, “new World Record” (Lithium is the first antidepressant in the history) make the water thermal pool extremely valuable.


Beauty Farm Bagnacci – Location San Giovanni d’Asso – Siena/Italy: Sulfur Thermal Water
The farm is located in one of the most beautiful areas of central Tuscany just a few kilometers from Montalcino.
A well depth 80 meters with 35 degree temperatures.
The water is located in the karst limestone and has a flow similar to a river, ”The first river spa in Europe”.



 Villafranca in Lunigiana/Italy – Thermal Water: Sodium Chloride Lithium
A well depth 150 meters with 24 degree temperature.
This thermal water has a very long cycle and rained many hundreds of years ago, said University of Parma. The presence of fossils’ trace fossils suggests and confirms that in-depth research for next wells will give an extraordinary fossil water with over 40 degrees temperature.





Television holdings

  • Maurizio Costanzo Show, Striscia la Notizia- Canale 5 ( famous italian Talk Shows),
  • Misteri, Uno Mattina –  RAI 1
  • Costume e Società – RAI 2
  • Forum – Rete 4
  • Telegiornale ( television news) – RAI 1, Rai 3, Italia 1


Articles appeared in major Italian and foreign newspapers

  • New York Times, Corriere Della Sera,  La Stampa, Libero…
  • La Nazione, L’Unità, L’Indipendente,
  • Il Tirreno, National Enquirer, Case & Country,
  • Panorama, Top Salute,
  • Chi, Visto…etc



LA NAZIONE – Italian Newspaper ,  17. 08. 2014

Thermal water is the ransom
“…a warm thermal water, a fossil water at 40 degrees extremely rich in salts, the ancient and uncontaminated ” sea of Versilia.”
“…The tuscan company , Luni Research Srl, is the top in world in the field of research. Today, thanks to it’s kow-how is able to know with certainty where these precious groundwater springs flows”… 







PANORAMA – important Italian economic magazine 19.11.2010

Maurizio Armanetti, dowser and geobiologist, has distinguished itself for the realization of innovative projects in the field of sweet water for industries, municipalities and in the discovery of warm termal water for Wellness – Spa.




Bit 2010, is an International Travel fair which gathers together Industry Professionals, tourist Boards, Promotion and Services Argencies from across the global.

Maurizio armanetti , speaker at the Bit.  As ministerial Commissioner,  Armanetti  gave a lecture on the potential in the field of Spa & Wellness.
Thanks to the hot thermal water, intended not only as a healing element but as playful appeal, will be possible to relaunch projects that deseasonalizing tourism: “Tourism throughout the year.”
Large spaces of hot spring water on the snow in the mountains, with sea view, close to the lakes, thermal indoor – outdoor pools, bio-lakes …
Visiting a good standard with cheap prices, villages included in the thermal nature and eco-friendly.
Luxury tourism, hotels of excellence available to all suites sparse in the nature of a private spa pool. Creation of the first water – spa park in Europe. Spa products that carry the brand in the spa throughout the world. The City-SPA, many in Europe, real miniature spas that provide traditional spa services combined with modern and well-being. Redevelopment of existing Terme…


Commissione 1


LA NAZIONE – Italian Newspaper, 21.05.2010

Armanetti in the Committee on Development of the spas
The entrepreneur Maurizio Armanetti was inserted by the Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla in the ministerial committee for the promotion and development of tourism spa and wellness … 




LA NAZIONE – ItalianNewspaper – 19.02.2010

Armanetti in the Task-Force of the Minister for tourism.
Task- Force to enhance the thermal tourism will be present tomorrow at a conference at the BIT in Milan. Also Maurizio, famous for his successes in the researches of thermal water and the creation of innovative tourism projects, appointed commissioner Ministerial together with a group of experts  by the minister will be at the conference.




LA NAZIONE – italian newspaper – 14.12.2010

Hot and antidepressant thermal water discovered at Scarlino and confirmed by the analysis: contains lithium in high quantities.Dive into a bath of warm water, 39 degrees, and at the same time be “wrapped” by the good mood. A dream. A remedy so sweet to get rid of the fatigue and stress of everyday life. It may not be more than a dream, but from the world of dreams has happened in the real also in Maremma Italy. It is, in fact, concluded these days the iter about the investigations at the resort “Col di Sasso”, on the municipal of Scarlino, where it was found, at 450 meters deep, water with a high concentration of lithium , which is in charge of good mood ….

NEW YORK TIMES – 07.09.2003

Italy, short of Dousing, is dowsing Rome, Sept. 7, 2003 – Rivers became dusty canals and wells ran dry in Italy this summer when an unrelenting drought left the country thirsting and searching…




stampa19.01.2008NATIONAL ENQUIRER – 09.05.1995

He saves $millions finding hidden water
Maurizio Armanetti has a sea of talent. He finds water hidden underground simply by passing his hands over the earth, say astonished experts. What’s more…..



Corriere della Sera Maurizio Armanetti


A dowser joins the company
“The water? I find it right away “

Maurizio Armanetti solved the water problem in the area of Rapallo.
An executive: we found that he was right …











Villafranca 1

CORRIERE DELLA SERA – italian newspaper –

Villafranca now dreams a future like Chianciano  (famous italian spa).
Among some time as well as Chianciano, Fiuggi, Saturnia and Sirmione ( all famous spa) , the map of spas you can enrich a new site: Villafranca Lunigiana …

Maurizio Armanetti has discovered the presence of a layer of thermal water in the subsoil…
















Corriere della Sera Maurizio ArmanettiCORRIERE DELLA SERA – 26.11.1994

Un Rabdomante entra in azienda
“ l’acqua? Ve la trovo subito”

Maurizio Armanetti ha risolto il problema idrico nella zona do Rapallo.
Un dirigente: abbiamo verificato che aveva ragione…


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Maurizio Armanetti 

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Maurizio Armanetti,
Armanetti  has created a new research methodology by creating a fusion of geological science and the intuitive abilities of the mind using the brain as a Bio-computer. Thanks to its special know-how in more than 30 years’ experience of underground water research using objective and experimental techniques, his company is able to guarantee success in finding underground water determining precise technical parameters such as water detection of the aquifer, pierce point, depth of the water, water temperatures at various altitudes and quantity. 

He has collaborated in the creation of innovative tourism projects to meet the new thermal tourism market through the seasonal adjustment, the modernization, the rise of youth tourism and the stranger who is always on the lookout for fun and well-being life- stile.

Mr. Armanetti was appointed from Ministry of Tourism specialist in underground water research in the commission for the Development of Spa and Wellness.

His activity is reflecting in numerous publications and has received numerous certificates of appreciation from academic world.

Today is the head with his wife Alexandra Hold-Ferneck of the Company Luni Ricerche srl that has distinguished itself by the creation of innovative projects in the field of water research as well as the creation of products for natural wellness.